Vol. VII, Issue IX

Are You Suffering From Disappearing Candidates?

Potential employees are continuing to disappear while we’re in the middle of our recruiting process – what can I do about this ghosting phenomenon?

Great question, and one that doesn’t have just one answer. For the various reasons that potential employees are ghosting, many of them may point to the image that you’re portraying as an employer online. In a world where we are inundated with different messages and forms of communication, what can you be doing to help yourself stand out from the crowd of employers on Indeed or ZipRecruiter?

4 Reasons to Start an HR Lab

I was at a conference recently where a speaker used the term "HR Lab". I thought it was pretty cool. My vision of a lab is a place where you test out new things. Or you take existing things and tweak them a little. When I think back on my HR career, I know there have been times when I would have loved to spend more time thinking through a policy or procedure. And lots of times when I wanted to test out a new idea on a small group before implementing it company-wide.

Why AI Will Never Fully Take Over HR

Few industries will remain untouched by the powerful force of artificial intelligence. HR is no exception, but that doesn’t mean today’s HR professionals have to worry about their jobs. As it exists today, AI is far from a replacement for human intelligence. Rather than take the place of human capital, AI will serve as a tool to augment the abilities of human workers.

Employee Engagement Outside of the Office

Too often companies fall short with engaging their employees because they forget that, in many ways, it is external influences that affect their performance. Instead of creating employee models centered on the work experience, employers should be focusing on the employees themselves.
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