Vol. VII, Issue VIII

Creating Digital Boundaries at Work

For all of our technological connectivity in the digital era, we have never felt so overwhelmed and fragmented as a society. We find ourselves stressed out by the size of our inboxes, by our social media feeds, by the tangle of wires on our nightstands.

So how can we begin to reverse this trend and bring humanity back into the workplace?

Tips for Effective Team Communication

One of the most critical skills for a new leader is also one for which many are the least prepared: how to communicate with your team members effectively.

As leaders, we are frequently called upon by our teams. Sometimes by one person, sometimes by several. Sometimes we are asked to mediate a discussion between two employees who are having a disagreement. Sometimes we are asked to observe a performance meeting. Whatever the “who” and “what” of the situation, the common thread is the same: we are there to help others to better their situation.

The Role of Candidate Reputation in Modern Recruiting

In today's world of work, candidate reputation is becoming an increasingly important factor in hiring decisions. While the resume used to reign supreme, employers can now rely on data for a more holistic view of a candidate's experience. In fact, 50% of talent professionals and hiring managers say data is the top trend impacting how they hire.

Understanding Equal Pay & the Impact You Can Have

Are you able to ask candidates for their salary history in your state or city? If so, you may not be for long.

The driver behind all of this is a focus on the gender pay gap and leveling the playing field on compensation for men and women. Did you know...

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